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sushi sneak peak!

hello there friends! i owe you a post (or thirty) but for now i wanted to give you a sneak peak of the sushi & sake 101 class i took last night at haru sushi in the pru!

a little shrimp tempura with a little lots of spicy mayo
(yes i rolled that!)

side shot of a tuna roll
LOTS of fish in that ish- nom nom

salmon sushi

and a little shrimpy one!

i probably shouldnt quit my day job, but making sushi was SO MUCH FUN. cant wait to share more about it with you guys tomorrow. this would be such a great class to take for a birthday party or celebration. hands on. lots of food. endless bowls of sushi rice <– i ate so much i thought i was gonna vom. i also spilled about half of it on the carpet (and fellow sushi rollers) around me… whoops…

but for now avoiding the rain and headed to the movies. stay dry and (b)log ya tomorrow!

walk it out.

so monday was my well deserved rest day after crushing 34 miles of pavement last week.

and tuesday was a six mile run rainy day with a bottle of house red.

and today was my four mile run walk home while chatting with the mother instead.


tired legs + rain + some other stuff = no motivation to run this week. so far…

hoping tomorrow ill feel like getting in a quick morning run- but accepting 35 miles just ain’t in the cards this week…

it happens.

so now queue sundays mad men. and a fermented grape juice dinner.