tossed: fan-tuna-tastic.

im always on the lookout for new healthy and delicious spots to grab a quick meal. i love wandering around the city but alot of times i end up ruining my days cal. count because hunger strikes and i grab something less than nutritious (i.e. a number one with a diet coke… oops)

so i was pumped to learn that tossed opened in the prudential center. why so pumped? because mary grace has been a long time tossed fan in new york city and i totally trust her taste in eateries. post run shower i decided to head over to the pru and see what it was all about. (and to get some new sunglasses. lost mine. fail.)

checked out the menu online before i headed over (shocker) and loved to see that every item had a calorie count provided! but before scoping out the calorie deets, i picked out three things that sounded delic and decided id go with the least calorie packed since i planned on making pad thai for dinner.

and the winner was the tossed tuna salad: baby field greens, tuna salad (mixed with apples, dried cranberries and mayo), avocado, carrots and cucumbers with fat free cucumber dill dressing. (380 cals, 25 grams protein)

now i love me some tuna salad, but im pretty picky. (subways just aint gonna cut it) but this was seriously unreal. just enough mayo to make it moist, but not enough that you actually tasted mayo. and craisins were awesome- dont think ive ever had craisins in my tuna but they will most certainly be there from now on.

and besides the tuna salad itself, i loved how fresh everything was (i mean the avocado is still bright and green) and the salad dressing was delicious but not overwhelming (and my salad wasnt swimming in it either- always a pro) my only con to this salad is actually my fault. im kind of a romaine or spinach gal, field greens have never been my thing. so although i still polished off just about every bite next time i will def order with romaine (there are SO many different options- you can totally customize to your little hearts desires)

actually, i take that back. next time im going to try the tuna on their whole wheat crepe but sub in avocado for the tomato that comes on it. bam. cant wait to get back! and i think i can easily rope katherine into going back with me- as soon as she saw my tweet about eating at tossed she texted me asking where in boston it was because she’d heard so many great things.

which reminds me: just for reference (so you dont wander the food court like me looking for it) its located near the ann taylor loft. theres plenty of seating inside and right outside the storefront- and its significantly less hectic than the food court which is a-ok with me. def give this guys a whirl next time your shopping or in the neighborhood, i don’t think youll be disappointed!

*and a huge thank you to the uber kind folks at tossed for picking up the tab on this wonderful lunch!


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