fiinally: freshii!

last week meredith and i had quite the freshii debacle. i secretly publicly made it known i wasnt too thrilled they werent actually open after tweeting they were. (i dont handle disappointment too well.)

lucky for me, the kind folks at freshii took note of my unhappiness and tweeted me 50% off any entre if i came back in this week. (so +10 right there for freshii and their excellent use of social media!)

met mer there at 12:15 where we were greeted by an employee with lots of tiny clipboards, explaining to us how freshii works. although they do have “chef designed” menu items (which you write in at the top): i opted for the create your own salad.

for me: a base of romaine ($5.99), goat cheese ($1.25), grilled salmon ($3.00), beets, cilantro, mushrooms, red onion, artichoke hearts, bean sprouts, and balsamic vinegar (all unlimited/included!)

$10.24 is about on par for a make your own salad around here (i often pay $8 in our cafeteria and they def dont have goat cheese or grilled salmon…) but i did note that alot of the chef designed salads were less expensive (by a few bucks) plus if you did just the unlimited veggies and chicken, itd run you $7.99- not bad. especially since its pretty mondo!

even though it was prime time lunch hour- we only waited about 5 minutes for our salads to come up, aaand we even were able to snag a table outside! (although this may have not been the best option- boston is officially the new windy city… atleast today!)

heres a few more salad shots for your viewing pleasure:

nom nom nom. grilled salmon was tasty (but worth noting its cold- not warm. not sure why i expected warm…its a salad shop… but nonetheless, its cold. still hit the spot!)

also worth noting: while i got the full serving off salad dressing, mer opted for the half- which still coated all the salad. (nothing worse than naked leaves!) ill prob stick with the full serving for the “light” dressings, but if i ever splurge on the “classics” (aka blue cheese mmmmm) ill do the half and save some cals!

and speaking of cals: LOVE that their website lets you input your custom lunch and spits out a calorie count for you! remember how i said i got goat cheese? well i normally would be disappointed there was only a sprinkling of goaty goodness- but i knew going in that even with the cheese my salad only had 230 calories (!!!) so i just savored the sprinkles and knew this was a happy medium for my tastebuds and wasteline. heres the rest of the nutrition (check out that protein! fueling mah musclessss.)

other peoples orders that i wanted to pretend were mine and take looked delicious as well:

  • the spicy lemongrass soup
  • rice noodle bowl with grilled tofu
  • froyo with almonds and berries
  • kombucha !!! (ok no one ordered this, but i spied it in the case. if i hadnt already paid i would have bought some. SO good. and ive never seen it anywhere but whole foods. so this. is. big.)

def adding freshii into my lunch rotation. (and already spammed my office with how tasty it was. and how if they want to buy me froyo later this afternoon id be ok with it.)

freshii: youre friendly staff (hi josh!) and delicious, healthy, fast food have definitely earned you (b)log redemption and approval. (b)ravo! and see ya soooooon.